Merchandise Inventory

Merchandise Inventory concept in Volvox Accountworks D.S.

Merchandise Inventory is part of the Volvox AccountWorks Decision System (VADS). VADS consists of the General Ledger, the Accounts Receivable modules, the Accounts Payable Module, the Inventory Control and Purchasing Module, the Order Entry and Invoicing Module, the Fixed Assets Module and the Job Costing Module.

VADS application is scheduled for release in January 2010, available on the Windows platform, programmed in Delphi 2010 with facilities to MsSQl, Oracle, Interbase/Firebird, PG SQL, MySQL, MsAccess database system. A Software as a service (SaaS) web model of the Merchandise Inventory module of AccountWorks is scheduled later in 2010. Currently, all reports are built with Report Builder Entreprise Edition.

See page: Merchandise Inventory.

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